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Coming into Comm 300 I had almost zero experience working with a camera. Photography is still very new to me, but it is something I’m enjoying. I’m still learning new things every time I go out to take photos which is fun.

Putting together this photo book was a challenge because I’m not very interesting in designing book layouts. I don’t have much experience with it and I prefer just taking and editing the photos themselves. But it was a good challenge and I’m pleased with the final product.


Fine Art Print


06/04/2016, 2:41 PM, Bannack, Montana


I walked into an old abandoned house in Bannack, Montana, and as I looked down this hallway I thought it would make a great photo. I took a few different shots of the hallway, experimenting with different settings on the camera. This photo turned out the best. I still had to adjust the lighting in Photoshop, and I had to warp the photo slightly to straighten the door frame, but overall there weren’t many edits I had to do. I’m proud of this one.












I struggled to decide what to use for the text in my images. I couldn’t think of anything interesting that actually related to all my photos of old hinges, so after a while of trying to come up with something, I decided to combine two of my artistic creations by merging my photography with the lyrics of a song I wrote five years ago. I always love going back to my old music I’ve written and incorporating it into whatever I can, so this was fun for me.

Title Font: Adobe Arabic Regular
Body Copy: Nirmala UI Semilight

I’ve never liked this recording, but I do love the song itself. I wrote it the first time I moved away from home.

More of my music:

Tutorial: Teeth Whitening, Skin Softening

I picked this topic because it was something I knew almost nothing about but have always wanted to learn for myself. For my tutorial I decided to focus on Adobe Lightroom, because it is a program I am not familiar with, and had never used in my life until a few days ago. I did some research and looked up some other tutorials and how-to’s and decided to focus my tutorial on the Adjustment Brush tool. In the end, it turned out to be fairly easy!